Law is an ever-developing set of rules, regulations, interpretations, practices, and experiences. It is this starting place that has led me to an increasing use of blogging assignment in my law-based undergraduate classes. The idea is to have students take course material, concepts, and cases and apply them to current political topics and developments. Given that we live in digital times, it is important that students know how to communicate to general audiences online. The goals of applying course ideas and learning and practicing online communication has led to the integration of blogs into many of my classes. This site exists to serve as a sort of aggregator to collect these student blogs.

This blog hosts the work of students in a variety of undergraduate courses taught at Utica College, by Dr. Daniel Tagliarina. The dedicated students in relevant courses will maintain their own blogs pertaining to course-specific topics regarding constitutional law in the US. I’ll offer weekly round-up posts on this site summarizing the students’ insights. Additionally, I might offer my own occasional insight regarding SCOTUS and legal developments in US law.

The views expressed here are my own (or that of the students to which they are attributed), and thus do not necessarily reflect the views of Utica College, the Department of Government and Politics, or potentially any other human being anywhere. Despite the association with specific courses, nothing in this blog represents the official views of Utica College or any of its representatives or departments.

You can follow me on Twitter: @proftags, as well as on academia.edu here.


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