In past blogging activities I have set up separate sites for each course. As I move to a new institution and begin this project at this new institution, I figured I would go for a fresh approach as well. Instead of separate sites for each course, I have created this blog as a central hub for all of the courses where I will have students writing their own blogs. As in the past, students will maintain their own blogs on their own wordpress sites. I will link to their blogs here, have informational bios on the student bloggers here, and continue to offer weekly posts about their blogs. What has changed is that each course will now be featured here. So, if you are the kind of person who is interested in reading hot takes on legal topics written by undergrads, you can find that all here and not have to bounce around looking for where I might be hiding these brilliant posts.

First up for this new(ish) format in Fall 2016 is my GOV/HIS 345 Constitutional Law in the Governmental Process course at Utica College. If you are interested in what this course is up to, I’m dropping the syllabus here.

The students in this course are maintaining their own blogs on a variety of constitutional law issues of interest to them, largely around the institutions and powers established in the Constitution. They will be researching, analyzing, and commenting upon these issues throughout the semester as we study these and many other issues in our course. This blog will serve as an “aggregator” for their work, providing weekly updates and “Round-Ups” of their analysis and posts. You can find out more about the students here, as well as access their individual work at any time via the blogroll.


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